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Tim Anderson is open to a position change

The near-term future of Chicago White Sox player Tim Anderson is very unclear. Indeed, the latter is coming off a simply horrible 2023 campaign and he knows full well that he has disappointed more than one, starting with himself.

On this end-of-season review day for the 18 teams eliminated from the playoff picture, the shortstop said he was open to a change of position for the next season. Will this so-called next season be spent wearing the White Sox uniform or that of another club? The ball is not in Anderson’s court, unfortunately for him!

A privilege to be a regular baseball player

Anderson has been very calm in his approach to the rest of his career. The American said he was open to playing second base if necessary. Certainly, his number 1 choice still remains shortstop, his natural position. Remember that he drove the second cushion for the United States during the World Baseball Classic, in addition to playing a few games this year in this position and that he did not do too badly.

The 30-year-old is aware of how lucky he is to be a starter on one of the 30 MLB teams, but he is also aware that, precisely, at 30, he is becoming more and more no longer a player aging quickly. Older players are treated differently, especially when it comes to position and infield players like him. Hence most likely his openness to a change of position. The noose is tightening and he feels it.

The Sox will decide his future

The contract of the man who has just completed his eighth season in the Majors expired yesterday (Sunday). On the other hand, the White Sox have an option year with their two-time star player. This option is valued at $14 million.

Whether or not to take advantage of this option will not be an easy decision for Chicago. The poor performances in 2023 of the protagonist of this text are enough to chill the club’s leaders. Okay, Anderson was the American League batting champion in 2019. As previously stated, he was invited twice to participate in the All-Star Game. The fans seem to like him and it seems mutual.

This is all well and good, but the question now remains whether Anderson can return to the form of his good days? After all, a player is paid for future performance, not past performance. Talk to Montreal Canadiens fans about it in conjunction with Brendan Gallagher.

The latter said that, without intending to serve as an excuse, a ligament injury suffered in April slowed her down throughout the season. Perhaps the White Sox, an organization in unacknowledged search for credibility, will want to take the gamble for one season with Anderson. Maybe not. We will have the answer in the coming weeks and months.

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