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Robinson Cano: 25% chance of getting a World Series ring

This season, Robinson Cano has played for three clubs: the Mets, Padres and Braves. Each time he failed to do his job and he was cut.

But the three clubs were among the 12 to make the playoffs, which means that the main interested party, even if he is not in the playoffs, had a three out of 12 (25%) chance of receiving a wave of the World Series.

Being a World Series winner and having a ring are not the same. In 2017, even though he only played two games in Houston before heading to Toronto, Teoscar Hernandez received a ring.

Cano (who won in 2009 in New York) could therefore add another ring to his collection… without really deserving it. But OK.

When the playoffs began, chance caused two of his former clubs (the Padres and the Mets) to cross swords. The Padres have therefore passed and since there are eight teams left, there is still a 25% chance of having a nice ring as a gift.

He’s probably the one with the best chance right now in MLB for the 2022 playoffs, which is… ironic to say the least.

I like his chances better with the Braves, but who knows what could happen to the Padres against the Los Angeles Dodgers?

Note that if the Phillies and the Dodgers escape in the divisional series, his two former teams in the MLB would cross swords in the championship series.

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