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Sean Manaea agrees with the Giants

The San Francisco Giants have signed pitcher Sean Manaea to a two-year contract valued at $25 million.

The launcher will be entitled to use an exit option in one year if he wishes.

Manaea, who spent the majority of his career with the Oakland A’s, is therefore returning to the region. He shouldn’t be too upset.

He also lives in California, having pitched for the Padres in 2022 after the A’s traded him before the start of the season.

For the first time in his career, his manager will therefore not be Bob Melvin.

It is surprising to see him sign for so few years. After all, even though his ERA was approaching the 5.00 mark in San Diego, the free agent market is crazy right now.

His plan is no doubt to have a good season to use his exit option, as Carlos Rodon did with these same Giants in 2022.

Besides, many people see in Manaea a signing that shows that the Giants are no longer in the game for Rodon… but I’m not ready to go there.


Because even though the Giants are battling clubs like the Yankees for Rodon’s services, the San Francisco club has significant financial resources and salary flexibility.

There is indeed a world where Rodon and Manaea both land in San Francisco for the 2023 season.

Whether that will happen remains to be seen.

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