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Michael Jordan had an offer from the Athletics to play in MLB in 1994

When you think of Michael Jordan, you think of one of the greatest basketball players in history (and maybe even THE better). The Bulls guard completely dominated his sport during his tenure, but especially between 1991 and 1998, when he won six titles with his team.

In short, during these eight seasons, the Bulls were crowned champions of the NBA six times. And when you look at the two years they weren’t, there’s a recurrence: Jordan wasn’t with them, he was playing baseball.

Well, he came back at the end of the 1994-95 season, but he spent most of the season on the baseball field.

A member of the White Sox organization, Jordan never made it to MLB. However, the story could have been quite different: when he decided to go play baseball, the Oakland Athletics offered him the opportunity to land directly in the show.

Sandy Alderson, who was then the GM of the A’s, tried to lure what was perhaps the most famous man in the United States at the time. We suspected that 1994 would be a difficult year in Oakland and bringing a guy like Jordan was obviously going to draw crowds.

Ultimately, however, that offer was never really considered by Jordan’s clan. After all, Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf was also the owner of the White Sox. The basketball player has always been known for his loyalty and he never considered turning his back on Reinsdorf.

But if he hadn’t had this connection with the White Sox, we could have really seen Air Jordan play a few games in the Majors. The result might not have been exceptional, but it would have been interesting to see that.

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