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Joey Gallo is still devastated to be known as the player who failed in New York

Since the departure of Joey Gallo from New York, the Yankees have never been able to find a true left fielder.

Not that Gallo did the batting work, far from it, but he was a safe bet in the outfield, which is not currently the case for Bronx Bombers outfielders, with the exception of Harrison. Bader and Captain Aaron Judge.

The Yankees thought they had fixed that recurring problem two years ago, when they traded four minor league prospects to the Texas Rangers for Gallo and reliever Joely Rodriguez.

But it didn’t go as planned and New York still finds itself empty-handed.

And the main interested party still has this slump in his career in mind.

I look back and I’m sad. I really grew up being a Yankees fan, and all I wanted to do was play for the Yankees. I wanted to do so well there. I will probably never have the chance to play for the Yankees again. It was my chance, and now I’m known as the guy who failed for the Yankees. That part is tough, and I have to live with that for the rest of my career and my life.

It’s a shame, since he would have been an ideal solution for a constant shortcoming if he had performed at the height of his talent.

But things didn’t turn out that way as he was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers for minor league pitcher Clayton Beeter, now 24 and recently promoted to AAA.

Gallo then posted an atrocious .159 batting average combined with a .660 OPS. A disaster…

He can console himself by telling himself that he is not the only one to have failed in New York. Talk to Aaron Hicks.

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