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Guardians take out Rays in 1-0 win (in 15 innings)

On Friday, the Cleveland Guardians won in 2h 17 minutes. But today? It was a lot more complicated, let’s say.

Basically, after 14 innings of baseball, both teams still hadn’t given up a run. Both starters did their job and the relief was good.

We knew it was going to be a series of launchers, but…

To give you an idea, here is the state of the pitchers during the game. As you can see, the relievers were amazing and in all there were 39 strikeouts in the game. It’s a playoff record.

Obviously, it should be mentioned that the attacks were neutral, but that the defenses were also there. Beautiful games, there have been.

Jose Ramirez notably did this…

And now in the fifteenth, Oscar Gonzalez finally ended the game (after 4h 57m) via a long ball that ended the Rays season.

It was Corey Kluber, who pitched for the first time in relief in nine years, who gave the home run against his old team.

It was important for the Guardians to win today after burning through so many relievers. After all, starting Tuesday, the Yankees will be on the menu.

Cleveland will need his bye tomorrow to be in shape.

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