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Giancarlo Stanton close to return

Giancarlo Stanton’s seventh stint on the injured list since joining the Yankees appears to be nearing the end.

At least that’s what Aaron Boone believes.

Recall that Stanton was injured in April.

Two months later, Stanton is still sidelined. However, it looks like his comeback is approaching, but no timeline for it is available.

There’s no question that Stanton is a good baseball player, but his stints on the disabled list just keep piling up.

Here is a small list of the various injuries he suffered in his career: right knee surgery (2012); right hamstring injury (2013); left hand fracture (2015); left groin injury (2016); double injury to right bicep and right knee (2019); left groin injury (2020); left quadriceps injury (2021); left Achilles tendonitis (2022), in addition to the last injury…

Let’s say that Stanton is often injured and it makes you wonder if the Yankees did well to sign her for such a long time. In short, if his return to the game is approaching, however, we have to wonder how long he will be able to stay healthy.

Despite everything, the Yankees need help to move up in their division. Indeed, they are currently in fourth place in their division, 7.5 games behind the Tampa Bay Rays and first in this division. Stanton’s return can only be beneficial.

Remember that Luis Severino will start on Sunday and that Carlos Rodon is progressing. Things are getting better and better in New York.

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