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MLB Brief: The Angels’ Role in the Tyler Skaggs Case

The role of the Angels in the Tyler Skaggs case

We learn more about what led to the accusation of Eric Kay in this case.

Litigation around Tyler Skaggs’ death continues as focus turns to the question of Angels’ liability

Both Skaggs’ parents and widow have filed lawsuits against the team.

Jim Thome becomes president of the MLBPAA

He will be supported by the former president, Brooks Robinson.

The Yankees have a former receiver in their sights

They are considering retaining the services of Devin Mesoraco for their last coaching position which is still open.

Still far from an agreement

There is less than a week left before the league is expected to start canceling games.

Another hard spring ahead

Jupiter traders will have to come to terms with having a lower than usual income for the second time in three years.

Matt Carpenter wants to improve his swing

He calls on other players on the circuit to advise him.

Rich Hill wants to bring a championship back to Boston

It will be his first goal this season.

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