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College: ECU's Betsy Zurawel: Pirates' Small-School Find

2015-09-08 13:06:07 UTC – # comments here

Across the U.S. high school tennis landscape, if you look hard enough, you’ll see the entire gamut of possibilities. Some high school teams are loaded with several Division I players. Other schools have to turn over nearly every stone simply to find enough players to field a team. One incident in my childhood featured a high school so small it couldn’t fill a team, but one student who practiced for hours against his garage door, still participated in the state sectional meet. View Complete Story

Tennis: ECU's Melis Tanik: Transatlantic Tennis Tale

2014-08-04 05:01:16 UTC – # comments here

“When I’m happy, it reflects on my game." These are the words of a vagabond English tennis star whose resolve and patience were tested by government policies and a Big East coaching fallout. The story of Melis Tanik winds from across the Atlantic to the Triangle to beyond the mountains of the Appalachians before happily rooting in Greenville. View Complete Story

Meredith: Puja Patel: Meredith's International Diamond In The Rough

2013-11-09 15:03:11 UTC – # comments here

Eight months after picking up a tennis racquet, she won a state title. Four years later, she was nationally ranked in her country of over 1 billion people. At 17, she and her family moved 9,000 miles away to a North Carolina town of 1,564. An U.S. state title and three Player of the Year awards later, India’s loss is Meredith College’s gain. View Complete Story
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