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Steelers: offensive coordinator Matt Canada fired

O (Matt) Canadaland of unemployment caused by offensive inefficiency.

Regularly called into question for the performance of the Steelers attack since the start of the season, Matt Canada has just lost his position as offensive coordinator.

The Pittsburgh franchise officially announced this Tuesday. The release is by Mike Tomlin, who offers the usual explanations.

“Matt Canada has been removed as offensive coordinator. I appreciate his work and his dedication, I wish him the best for the rest of his career. »

The name of the new offensive coordinator has not been released. According to Tom Pelissero (NFL Media) it is running coach Eddie Faulkner who should take over.

Matt Canada and the Steelers never in the Top 20

Arriving in 2021 at the head of the Steelers attack, Matt Canada has never managed to explode the counters. In two and a half seasons, Pittsburgh players have never entered the Top 20, whether for yards gained or points scored.

This season, the Steelers are 28th in both yards gained and points scored average.

Canada out, it is now Kenny Pickett who finds himself on the front line. The quarterback selected in the first round in 2022 has only thrown 6 touchdowns for 4 interceptions in 10 games this year.

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