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Ravens – Browns (23-20): Baltimore got scared

Baltimore Ravens (4-3) – Cleveland Browns (2-5): 23-20

3 minutes from the end of the game, Baltimore holds the game in hand, and runs the clock by chaining the races for almost 6 minutes. On a 2nd in 11, on Cleveland’s 24 yards, Justice Hill takes the ball, goes to the right, avoids the defenders to transplant to the center of the field. While he seems on track for a nice win, he is caught by Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, who dislodges the ball from his hands, which is recovered by Isaiah Thomas.

The Browns have the opportunity to equalize, and even why not pass. Jacoby Brissett (22/27, 258 yards), solid throughout the game, is advancing his team well, including a bomb to Donovan Peoples-Jones for 37 yards. Unfortunately for Cleveland, two penalties will prevent them from scoring much-needed points.

First for Amari Cooper who, on a long pass, and guilty of offensive pass interference by pushing Marcus Peters back, when he could have grabbed the ball and sped towards the end zone. Then, on the field goal attempt, guard Michael Dunn is accused of false start, while the fault seems to be with the Ravens. A very questionable play call, which forces Cade York to attempt a field goal from 60 yards, missed. The Ravens win the ball, and turn the clock to a scary victory.

A Lamar of bad days

If Brissett rather correctly held its rank, difficult to say the same for Lamar Jackson (9/16, 120 yards, 59 yards running). The 2019 MVP appeared to be in serious trouble on his rare throws, so John Harbaugh smartly made the quick choice not to rely on the passing game. Proof is, Mark Andrews, yet Jackson’s priority target, ended the match with no reception.

On both sides, the runners put themselves forward. Among the Browns, Nick Chubb made Nick Chubb (91 yards, 1 TD), with an average of 5.7 yards per carry in 16 carries. Same story on the Ravens side, with Gus Edwards, back on the field, and author of 66 yards and two touchdowns for Baltimore. Justice Hill also got his team going well, but was also guilty of a fumble that could have been fatal.

The floor of the defense

If the Ravens won, it is perhaps mainly thanks to their defense. Jacoby Brissett did not have a single moment of respite, being sacked 5 times during the match. Calais Campbell, in particular, was highlighted with a strip sack, covered by Odafe Oweh, which allowed his team to leave on the 25 opposing yards when the score was only 13-10.

This victory is good for the Ravens’ balance sheet, but it is not necessarily reassuring in view of Lamar Jackson’s level of play. Baltimore still takes the lead in the AFC North. The Browns, they are sinking more and more into the abyss, and not sure that the return of Deshaun Watson, who is fast approaching, does not change anything.

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