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Buccaneers – Seahawks (21-16): Tom Brady is still there

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-5) – Seattle Seahawks (6-4): 21 – 16

The old monkeys have more than one trick up their sleeve. Faced with a Seattle team that remained on 4 wins in a row, the Buccaneers confirmed the good elements shown the previous week against the Rams (16-13) by dominating the Seahawks in Munich. Dominating throughout the game and ahead 21-3 in the last quarter, the Bucs were scared late in the game but Rachaad White (22 carries, 105 yards) found the first down synonymous with victory within two minutes .

The Floridians were carried by their leaders and their dominance on the ground. In defense, Devin White (8 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 tackle for loss, a forced fumble) has long anesthetized the attack of the Ospreys and Kenneth Walker (10 races, 17 yards). On the other side of the ball, Tom Brady (22-29, 258 yards, 2 TDs, 1 interception) signed his best game of the season, well helped by his runners (57 yards in 14 races for Leonard Fournette). The message to the NFC is passed.

Tampa Advantage Lines

The first half is one-sided. The Buccaneers are more compact on both sides of the court. In attack, Tom Brady, well protected by his line (no sack on the match) distributes to his trio of finally consistent Jones-Godwin-Evans receivers (more than 50 yards each). Seattle’s defense held out for a long time, but ended up cracking in the second quarter, leaving Julio Jones and then Leonard Fournette to find the endzone (14-0).

It must be said that the attack does not really help. Three first downs from Metcalf, and that’s it. The Buccaneers are making a mess of the running game that the visitors are stubborn to put in place (7 races, 8 yards for Kenneth Walker) and Geno Smith (23/33, 275 yards, 2 TDs) is under pressure (3 sacks) . At halftime, NFC West players have everything to review.

A wake-up call too late for Seattle

Fifty yards in the first half is a poor record. And it only takes one drive for the Seahawks to double their total at the start of the second period for the visitors’ first points (3-0). The Buccaneers stay on their hands, and overdo it. After a first failed wildcat, the Floridians try again, and Leonard Fournette’s nasty pass for Brady is intercepted by Woolen. The man with the seven rings immediately receives a penalty for a croc in the leg.

But the Seahawks let their chance pass. Arrived in the end zone, Geno Smith drops the ball on a tackle from Devin White and Anthony Nelson recovers the offering. Opposite, Brady leaves it to no one to nail the fate of the match: 11 actions and 87 yards later, the quarterback finds Godwin to seemingly nail the fate of the match (21-3).

Except that Tampa Bay is playing scary. After a quick touchdown from Tyler Lockett (21-9, missed two-point conversion), Tom Brady throws an avoidable interception on Cody Barton and Smith finds Marquise Goodwin for the hopeful’s touchdown with 4 minutes remaining. But the Floridians close the door thanks to 4 first attempts obtained in power. Deserved success for the leaders of the NFC South, who return to a balanced balance sheet. In any case, the two teams put on a great show for the first NFL game in Germany.

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