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Bills – Dolphins (32-29): Josh Allen tames Miami and the cold to send Buffalo to the playoffs

Buffalo Bills (11-3) – Miami Dolphins (8-6): 32-29

As the snow has just appeared in a normal December game in Buffalo, the Bills recover the ball in their own 10 yards at 29-29. An offensive series of 15 games and 86 yards later, Tyler Bass will give victory to his team on a field goal from 25 yards.

After a crazy and spectacular match, Buffalo, led by a great Josh Allen (25/40, 304 YDS, 4 TDs), is in the playoffs. For its part, Miami can harbor regrets, especially in the 1st half, with certain choices of games sometimes questionable on the 3rd attempt. Tua Tagovailoa (17/30, 234 YDS, 2 TDs) had a better match than previous weeks but it’s not enough.

Premiere night

The 1st half is offensive and in the field of efficiency, it is Buffalo who is enterprising. First, Josh Allen finds tight-end Quintin Morris, his first career touchdown. Then, after 2 failures in the Miami red zone converted only by field goals, running back Nyheim Hines scored his first touchdown with Buffalo at the reception. (14-6)

While Miami had closed the gap with running back Salvion Ahmed’s first touchdown (6 carries, 43 YDS, 1 TD) who broke 2 tackles, Josh Allen went into magic mode to find his running back James Cook in red zone just before halftime. His 1st touchdown at the reception. Miami is stunned and joins the locker room 8 points behind. (21-13)

Miami’s Rough Awakening

Miami’s first offensive series in the 2nd half and 1st blow. Tua Tagovailoa finds Jaylen Waddle (3 REC, 114 YDS, 1 TD) for a 67-yard touchdown. The match is restarted despite the failed 2-point conversion. Buffalo scuttles itself with several penalties, especially at the level of the offensive line and special teams, and Miami benefits from it.

Indeed, Tyreek Hill (9 REC, 69 YDS, 1 TD) gets rid of Tre’Davious White and safety Damar Hamlin to allow Miami to come back in front. Buffalo’s troubles are far from over as Josh Allen becomes unrecognizable again with a fumble caused by Jaelan Phillips and covered by Christian Wilkins. Unfortunately, Miami is again ineffective in the red zone and must settle for 3 points. (21-29)

Josh Allen in superhero mode

Cashing a 16-0, Buffalo must wake up. Moment chosen by Josh Allen to take the match on his own. After a fumble covered by one of his linemen, he goes on 2 incredible runs, the first of which for 44 yards by breaking 2 tackles. He also takes advantage of the indiscipline of Elandon Roberts to allow Buffalo to be in the red zone. The Bills quarterback then finds Dawson Knox (6 REC, 98 YDS, 1 TD) in the red zone, whom Josh Allen will successfully convert to 2 points on an aerial run.

All this before the offensive series that leads to the field goal of victory. A series based on runs from Devin Singletary (13 runs, 42 YDS) and short passes from Josh Allen to Stefon Diggs (5 REC, 60 YDS) or Gabriel Davis (4 REC, 56 YDS). A series marked by the penalty for defensive pass interference from Kader Kohou on Isaiah McKenzie which will allow Buffalo to put Tyler Bass in a good position.

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