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Zach LaVine happy to have started his season

Although he assured that everything was fine with his knee and that he had played a few preseason meetings, Zach LaVine still missed the first two games of the season. Missing meetings because of his articulation when the season was just starting was not necessarily a good sign.

Before the great debut of his rear against the Cavaliers, Billy Donovan had nevertheless tried to reassure. “There are no structural problems with him, he is fine. It’s just about managing. »

LaVine did the rest on the field, finishing his opener with 23 points at 9/17 shooting, 4 assists and 3 rebounds, in 28 minutes in the heavy loss to the Bulls.

“I was looking forward to going out there and helping my team,” he told ESPN. “I would have liked us to play better, especially for a first game at home. But we will learn from our mistakes. I’m happy to be back. »

With 17 points in the first period, between penetrations and outside shots, the All-Star showed that he was in good shape. “We saw that he was explosive”, rejoices his coach, who finally has images that support his point. “He looks good physically. That’s what I’ve been saying for the past few days, despite the many discussions on this subject: he can play, we just have to manage him. »

Management requires, will he be able to continue on Monday against the Celtics? “I am known, I want to play all the time”, he answers. “You have to think globally and keep the essentials in mind. »


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