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Welcome to the GT Cut Cross, the latest addition to the Nike GT series

The year 2024 will have been full of surprises for the GT Cut range of the Nike GT collection, launched a little over three years ago alongside the Nike GT Run and the Nike GT Jump. There was the GT Cut 3 released with fanfare with its new Zoom latest version, the Nike GT Cut Cross! THE first images of this new model have just taken over the web, all that remains is for Nike to make everything official.

If the “Academy” version is sold at 100 euros, half the price of the Nike GT Cut 3, the Nike GT Cut Cross is also intended to be an “affordable” alternative model. We should note similarities between the two models, such as the composition of the sole, at the intermediate level in particular with a Zoom Air unit placed at the front of the foot, under two layers of foam superimposed as an intermediate sole, to act on comfort , responsiveness but also maintenance.

For this first colorway, the upper borrows “Volt” tones to accompany a base in white and light green. The inside of the “Swoosh” present on the upper comes out in black with a checkered pattern, present on other parts of the upper.

More information to come for this Nike GT Cut Cross, expected during the summer.

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