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Vincent Collet desperate for ball losses

You can coach at the highest level for 13 years, and get the score wrong… This Saturday, Vincent Collet made a lot of people smile when France and Turkey went into extra time. The Blues coach thought his team had just won. He clenched his fist and went to congratulate his Turkish counterpart. Before realizing that there was only extension…” I thought we had won. I thought we were only a point behind. I do not know why he smiles.

This is the amusing anecdote of the match. Much more fun than his players’ pesky ball losses. Vincent Collet can’t take it anymore!

“It’s our sin in this tournament” he responds at a press conference. “We still lost two, three which were surprising, and clearly this weakness is really a vulnerability which is difficult to bear. Especially in a cleaver match. Thirty-six points come from those lost balls and that’s not acceptable. “

“It’s a lack of discipline and effort on simple things like markdowns”

The French coach points to individual failures more than a concern for coordination or tactics.

We can’t afford it anymore and we know why he continues. ” It’s a lack of discipline and effort on simple things like markdowns. [Prenez] the first action, Evan does not stand out. It’s not Rudy’s fault. It’s Evan’s fault for not standing out. If only it happened to us once or twice… But it happens to us seven times, eight times on this kind of action. Where with some teams, like the Serbs, it only happens once

Vincent Collet also warns that his players will be entitled to a session devoted to this recurring problem. ” Unfortunately, this is individual responsibility. It’s not the three training sessions we’ll do between now and Wednesday that will change anything. We need to be aware, and this will be the first video we will do before Wednesday, regardless of the opponent.. “

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