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Tyronn Lue extends to the Clippers

It has been several weeks since negotiations took place between Tyron Lue and the Clippers. Verdict? ESPN and The Athletic have just announced that the coach had obtained a contract extension over several seasons!

This is not very surprising because the technician, stationed in Los Angeles since 2020, wanted to continue the adventure at the head of the group, and Steve Ballmer, the boss of the franchise, wanted to keep him. No doubt the long negotiations mainly focused on salary, while coaches' emoluments have exploded recently…

ESPN does not reveal the exact amount of the contractnor the number of years, but specifies that Tyronn Lue will be “one of the highest paid coaches” of the Great League. It could therefore approach 15 million dollars annually, a bar crossed by Steve Kerr (Golden State), Gregg Popovich (San Antonio) or Erik Spoelstra (Miami).

In any case, he will lead the Clippers when they arrive at the Intuit Dome in Inglewood next season.

It remains to be seen which team he will lead, while Kawhi Leonard has extended his contract but Paul George, James Harden and Russell Westbrook are not certain of still being in the game, even if Steve Ballmer absolutely wants to extend the first two in order to start again in quest for the title… provided of course that you manage to avoid injuries.

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