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To replace Darko Rajakovic, the Grizzlies sting Anthony Carter from the Heat

Darko Rajakovic propelled “head coach” in Toronto thanks to his qualities as a trainer, the Grizzlies were looking for someone to replace him in this role with Taylor Jenkins. They found their happiness since the Daily Memphian explains that they succeeded in attracting Anthony Carter.

After a 13-year career in the NBA (Heat, Spurs, Wolves, Nuggets, Knicks and Raptors), the former playmaker, now 48, plunged into coaching in 2013, at the Austin Spurs, before moving to the Kings and then eventually joining the Heat in 2018, where he worked with the club’s fullbacks.

One more mentor for Ja Morant

It is said that his work is the basis of the progress and impact of Max Strus or Gabe Vincent.

In Memphis, he could also serve as a mentor for Ja Morant, complementing veterans Marcus Smart and Derrick Rose. Because Anthony Carter came out of a very complicated adolescence in the street. After leaving high school, and while his mother was addicted to drugs and his seven uncles all went through prison, the young man survived by playing basketball games for local dealers in Atlanta…

“The dealers put in money, and we played” he said in 2008. “We used to play for the drug dealers. That’s how we made our money. We weren’t selling drugs. I used this money to buy shoes and food. It was the only way we could eat. »

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