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The Curry-Thompson-Green trio, a unique “Big Three”

With four titles won in eight years, the Warriors have created a true “dynasty”, and like the greatest “dynasties”, the franchise relies on a “Big Three”, made up of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson And Draymond Green. They are rarely mentioned among the greatest trios in history and yet their collective and individual records speak for themselves. For Stephen Curry, this trio is unique in its composition.

“He is unique because we are all different” said the Warriors point guardwho turns 35 on Tuesday. “We all behave differently. We have different games, different personalities, different ways of communicating, but it all fits together, and there’s like a consistency when we’re on the pitch and even in life when you don’t need to be something other than yourself. This is what makes us unique and what has allowed us to last for so long. »

A total of 19 All-Star selections and 12 All-NBA Teams selections

For Stephen Curry, the longevity of this “Big Three” is remarkable since it has existed since 2012!

“The fact that we’re still here says a lot, and it’s a bit unprecedented in the league. I know there were the Spurs, the old Celtics teams, the Showtime Lakers… There are a few examples of teammates who have stayed together for so long and played at the same level as us for so long. So I don’t know if we’ll be truly appreciated until this is over. Hopefully it won’t be anytime soon, but for sure we realize that this line is unique and all the guys we’ve played with along this journey have made it even more special. »

Since their creation at the start of the 2012/13 season, the Curry-Thompson-Green trio have won four titles for six NBA Finals. Between them, they combine two MVP titles, 19 All-Star Game selections, an NBA best defenseman title and 12 All-NBA Teams selections. We could also add their international record with a total of three world champion titles and three Olympic titles. Everyone has their specialty in this trio, as was the case for those of the Bulls in the 90s, or that of the Spurs.

Progress together to become a unique trio

“As long as everyone brings what they do best, we close our eyes to certain things, and we all grew up together like that” concludes Stephen Curry. “For example, we need Draymond to be the holy fire. To be the guy who challenges us in the locker room and on the pitch. We need Klay to be this guy who is so consistent with his competitive spirit, his energy and this unique palette that no one can really copy, and we have seen that in the greatest moments. »

For Stephen Curry, it’s about being the voice of the trio and leading by example. “I try to lead by example, obviously progressing in terms of vocal leadership, but also keeping in mind that I have to be the most regular, the hardest worker every day, and that the guys will follow this example. . Result: we have never looked at one of us and said: ‘You have to change!’. We just wondered how we could each continue to progress and evolve until we became unique, and how we could continue to evolve within this framework, and it’s beautiful to see. »

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