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The 35 years of the Hornets in the spotlight for their “Classic Edition” jersey

The Hornets have unveiled the ‘Classic Edition’ jersey which will be worn in 2023/24. The North Carolina franchise stuck with the classics by re-releasing a jersey inspired by the team’s first season in the NBA, in 1988/89.

This one is distinguished by its turquoise blue base, purple contours and two vertical bands in green to contrast the whole. We also find the initial font to form the “Charlotte” present in white on the chest, as well as the name and the number of the player on the back of the shirt. Finally, the shorts come with a “Classic Hornets” logo on the left thigh.

It was then worn by Charlotte from 1997 to 2002, Baron Davis era. The latter was also invited to appear alongside LaMelo Ball in the presentation clip of a jersey that smells of the style of the 90s, and that the franchise will therefore bring up to date.

“Throughout our history, the Hornets have been recognized for their fashionable uniforms, and we know our fans will be thrilled to see the look our team wore from 1997-2002 on the Charlotte court.”, said Fred Whitfielda minority shareholder in the Hornets.

The “Classic Edition” jersey, which will only be available during the autumn, is expected to be worn eight times during the 2023/24 regular season. The exact schedule of the meetings concerned will be revealed at the beginning of September.

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