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Ricky Rubio soon to be released by the Cavaliers?

Last August, Ricky Rubio had announced that he would not be present with La Roja during the World Cup.

“I decided to stop my professional activity to take care of my mental health. I would like to thank all the support I received from the FEB in understanding my decision. Today #LaFamilia takes on more meaning than ever. THANKS. I would ask that my privacy be respected in order to face these moments and to be able to provide more information when the time comes.” he then wrote to explain his decision.

Four months later, Ricky Rubio has still not given any indication of a possible resumption of his career. A delicate situation for his franchise, the Cavaliers, who relied heavily on him as a backup to Darius Garland. A situation all the more delicate as the holder is himself injured…

What options for Cleveland?

According to The Athletic, Cleveland thus doubts more and more that Ricky Rubio, now 33 years old, will one day resume his career. Under these conditions, the club and representatives of the player, who is currently in Spain, began to discuss options for a possible divorce.

While the leader receives 6.1 million dollars this season, and his next campaign is guaranteed to the tune of 4.25 million dollars (out of 6.4 million), the Cavaliers can thus negotiate a “buyout”, by buying out his contract. They can also cut him and spread his contract over several seasons. They can also exchange it.

This is already what they did in February 2022, when they used the contract of the Spaniard, then injured, to get their hands on Caris LeVert. Before bringing back Ricky Rubio a few months later.

Because the Cavs really appreciate Ricky Rubio, who helped the team take a big leap forward in the 2021/22 season, and the club wants ” to do things well “ with the playmaker. Except that with the injuries to Evan Mobley and Darius Garland, but also to Ty Jerome, absent since October, and while Donovan Mitchell hurt his shoulder against the Rockets, the The team's backcourt really needs reinforcement.

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