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Returning to UConn as a spectator, James Bouknight is fired by a referee | NBA

Quite a complicated season for James Bouknight. The rookie’s playing time is indeed very fluctuating in Charlotte, to the point of creating some moments of tension with his coach, James Borrego.

During the All-Star Break, the back therefore returned to Connecticut, where he played two years, to encourage the Huskies against the Musketeers of Xavier.

Except that the 11th choice of the last Draft obviously had a few words for a referee. With his down jacket on his back (and head), he was asked to leave the front row of the meeting by an official.

“It was not an ideal scenario, because we were playing badly and we lost our footing a bit”explained Dan Hurley, the coach of UConn, about this incident. “He got kicked out. I didn’t really see what happened. And then I saw him again somewhere near the student section. “

Indeed, James Bouknight did not go very far since he was able to follow the rest of the match in the middle of the students, while UConn finally won (72-61).

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