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OG Anunoby gets Madison Square Garden in his pocket

We were used to “MVP, MVP” from the public, and at Madison Square Garden, we now have an “OG, OG” variation. Arriving from Toronto, OG Anunoby has truly transformed the team, and the Knicks have an 85% winning record since he joined them.

Last night, they won by 38 points against the Nuggets, and OG Anunoby was decisive on both sides of the field with 26 points at 10/18, and a big defense on Jamal Murray with… six interceptions in 29 minutes!

“There's a reason the crowd sang 'OG.' He was amazing” summarizes, admiringly, Mike Malone. “They have 11 wins and 2 losses since he joined their squad. He brings defense, offense, toughness, physical qualities… He and the other Knicks were huge from start to finish. »

Teammate and coach are impressed by his impact. Starting with Jalen Brunson. “He’s getting more and more comfortable. He played really well tonight. He was aggressive on both sides of the ball. This is the OG we got back, and this is the OG we faced before. Now he’s doing it in a Knicks jersey.”

A +/- record

The most telling stat since his arrival is his +/- when he is on the field: +239 in 12 matches, and +38 against the Nuggets! “That’s always what I wanted, and that’s what I expected: to make a difference” reacts the former Raptors winger. “ We improve day by day and each time we have complete training sessions together. The more we are together, the more we get used to each other and the more we find our way to play the rest of the season. »

Excessively used by Tom Thibodeau, OG Anunoby illustrates everything the Knicks coach appreciates, and at 26 years old, he seems built to settle down permanently in New York. “We can see that in each match, he finds a good rhythm” underlines the coach. “He makes very good decisions when it comes to shooting or passing. He is very aggressive, he goes in the paint and creates good things for us. »

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