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NCAA | Adem Bona returns to UCLA for his ‘sophomore’ season

There will be at least one starter from the 2022/23 season still present in the squad. UCLA at the start of the school year: while his four friends from the five majors either left for the Draft or graduated, Adam Bona has indeed announced that he is back with the Bruins for his “sophomore” season.

I think I have what it takes to turn pro right now, but I also realize that I still have to work on certain aspects of my game. », so he said. ” It’s as much about timing as it is about technical qualities, so I have to prepare myself to find the perfect situation to take the plunge. And I don’t think it’s time yet. »

The Nigerian pivot was a valuable contributor to UCLA’s good season (7.7 points, 5.3 rebounds and 1.7 against), during which he especially shone with his great defensive qualities, also winning the trophy for best first-year player in the PAC-12 conference at the end of the season.

Injured in the shoulder during the PAC-12 conference tournament, he had missed two of the three games of the Bruins during the “March Madness”, and had then chosen to pass on the billiards once the campaign was over. Still present at the Draft Combine in Chicago, he was therefore unable to take part in the workshops, but still appreciated the experience, rich in “feedback” and advice from the NBA sphere.

It was nice to know that teams believe in me, and consider that I am fit to play at the next level. “, he adds. ” It was motivating to talk to these teams, to get their opinions. »

Promised for a larger role next season, in a workforce in full transition, he is thus placed in an ideal context to position himself as a possible choice of the first round of the 2024 Draft.

My objective remains the same, it is unchanged compared to last year. Namely winning a title with UCLA he concludes. ” And individually, I want to prove that I am indeed the best defender in PAC-12, and even the best interior in all the country. »

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