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Mike Brown approves Kings roster changes

Things are reversed now. We no longer chase others, others chase us. This is what Nicolas Batum said after the elimination of the Blues at the World Cup, and this is how mike brown sums up the Kings’ sudden change in status.

After more than a decade of scarcity, the Californians signed a strong comeback finished with 48 victories, a third place in the West, a first qualification in the playoffs since 2006 and a memorable first round, lost at the end of a seventh inning against the then defending champions, the Warriors.

Confirmation is therefore expected for the 2023-2024 financial year. ” I can’t wait to see how we handle the pressure. The expectations are there, so how are we going to manage that? I think our guys are ready, (as) the fans we have here with the breath they brought last year », formulates the Kings coach.

A richer workforce for Mike Brown

He appreciates the alterations made to his workforce in an off-season where continuity took precedence over the rest. Centerpieces Domantas Sabonis and Harrison Barnes were extended as the team gained depth with the arrivals of EuroLeague MVP Sasha Vezenkov and Chris Duarte from the Pacers.

I’m excited for Sasha, for Chris Duarte and for our young people. It’s good to have new players, but I’m more excited to see our guys being able to renew (their performance last year) and give them the opportunity to grow as a core group “, indicates Mike Brown, thinking of his strong men that are De’Aaron Fox, Kevin Huerter, Malik Monk or Keegan Murray, without forgetting the two prolonged veterans mentioned above.

The former Cavs and Lakers coach has a good chance of maintaining his starting five. Unless newcomer Sasha Vezenkov manages to dislodge one of the incumbents.

Here is a guy who plays hard, who is strong and very, very intelligent. He has a very good sense of the game. He can pass, he cuts on the circle, he knows how to create spaces and he can shoot in any conditions. He’s trigger-happy, can’t wait to see him in action against other teams this year “, enumerates Brown who expects on the other hand a more defensive impact on the part of Duarte.

To see if these new contributions allow Sacramento to climb even higher in the hierarchy in the West.

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