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Michael Jordan, first athlete to join the Forbes Top 400

Launched in 1982, the Forbes Top 400 lists the 400 richest people in the United States each year. Until now, no professional athlete had joined this list. So far…

Because with the sale of the Charlotte Hornets, purchased for $275 million in 2010 and of which he sold the majority of his shares for a total valuation of $3 billion, Michael Jordan’s personal fortune is now accurately estimated at more than $3 billion. of dollars. What to do to him join the Top 400 from Forbes magazine.

“Michael is one of the few people to have done it three times”explains Ted Leonsis, the owner of the Washington Wizards, who has partnered with Michael Jordan several times in the past. “Many entrepreneurs only succeed once. They become very successful, pocket their winnings, retire and are never heard from again, or they try something a second time and it doesn’t work. He had three great successes.”

Inasmuch as professional basketball playerof course, both on the sporting level with his titles with the Chicago Bulls and Team USA, and on the financial level with his 94 million dollars in career salaries.

A sum which may seem limited when we think of the current contracts initialed in the Great League but it must be remembered that taking into account inflation, the 33 million dollars during his last season with the Bulls would represent almost double (62 million of dollars) at the moment…

Inasmuch as brand also, since the development of “Air Jordan” at Nike is also a model of success, which made the fortune of “His Airness”. And therefore as boss of a franchiseeven if the Hornets never really shone on the floors, since the return on financial investment was gigantic.

Michael Jordan continues to accumulate financial success, he who was the first billionaire sportsman, only Tiger Woods and LeBron James having since joined him on this very small list.

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