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Luka Doncic, a historical prodigy

Author of the second biggest offensive orgy in the history of EuroBasket, with 47 points, plus 7 rebounds and 5 assists to beat France (88-82), Luka Doncic was simply breathtaking.

This 3-point shot at the buzzer, delicately dropped with the right hand over Rudy Gobert and Evan Fournier who were chasing him in the left corner of the field, was the shining symbol of his insolent success. At 15/23 on shots including 6/11 on 3-pointers and 11/12 on throws, the Mavs superstar gave a basketball lesson to the tricolor defense which, according to Rudy Gobert, did not do too badly despite everything…

The mistake of trusting him

“Luka is obviously a fantastic player. Above all, he is able to manipulate the game like few players in history before him., he comments. “He can make others better and also score. We have to try to make him work defensively. It was a big night. We talk a lot about what we should have done but some of the shots he made, we just have to take our hats off to him. I think we defended well, we made him work. There are some things that we could have adapted. But he also had a lot of throws. “

The only Slovenian player to float in the first half, he allowed his team to race in the lead throughout, despite the efforts of Rudy Gobert (19 points) and Evan Fournier (15 points).

“It’s a rare talent”, adds Evan Fournier. “We gave him shots that we didn’t think we were going to give him in our game plan. These changes after the screen against our insides allowed him to play one-on-one. It was not planned. When he is allowed to play one, two, three actions in a row, he gains confidence. And then he started getting really tough shots. An error on our part. He’s really strong when he plays like that. With him, you have to do the job from the start because when he gains confidence, it’s hard to stop him. Don’t give him anything easy. “

Opponents as teammates agreed to describe the universal talent of the nugget past in the ranks of Real Madrid. For a bit, Luka Doncic would also have succeeded in this shot from midfield at the end of the 24-second clock which ended up short… but by little!

“He’s a winner, he has a superb mentality”, continues Jaka Blazic. “He comes to every game with all his energy and 100% motivation, regardless of the opponent. When he scores like that, he’s amazing. Even us, his teammates, we were surprised to see some of his moves. It’s a privilege to play with him. “

Over-motivated after the semi-final of the last Olympics?

Stronger than Dirk Nowitzki and Giannis Antetokounmpo, the only players to exceed the 40-point mark at the Euro since 2000, stronger than Nikos Galis who scored 46, 45 and twice 44 in the 1980s, Luka Doncic came close to a record that dates from another era: that of Eddy Terrace with 63 units in 1957 in a match between Belgium and Albania…

“It’s Luka! “, Klemen Prepelic simply smiled. “He’s shown time and time again that it’s not good to piss him off. They played hard against him. He needed stitches to his head and he responded with an incredible performance. His 27 points [en première mi-temps] carried us and we obtained this victory which gives us a deserved first place. “

Asked at a press conference the other day if he saw anyone venturing beyond the roaring forties, Luka Doncic had voted Giannis Antetokounmpo. But it was another feint, when the Dallas player had recalled before the match that he had not forgotten the semi-final of the last Olympics, lost against the Blues…

“Luka is amazing. It is our miracle! “, concludes Zoran Dragic. “I’m glad he’s Slovenian. “

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