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Kyrie Irving and… Kylian Mbappé set fire to the Barclays Center

And 12 for the Nets! Opposed to Spurs, Kevin Durant’s teammates failed to show smugness against Gregg Popovich’s proteges, and they quickly killed the game. Especially with a tap-dunk of Kyrie Irving who set the Barclays Center on fire.

“Honestly, I thought I was in NBA2K. I didn’t think he was capable of doing that.” reacted Ben Simmons after the meeting. Gone from very far to recover the failure of Yuta Watanabe, Irving was obviously very proud of his dunk. “I’m so fed up with the guys in the locker room underestimating my athleticism. Really, I’m into that… More seriously, I’m happy to perform such actions. It galvanizes the group… I’m happy to have succeeded. The timing was good. »

The Barclays Center also caught fire when the Jumbotron showed video of the goals of Kylian Mbappe at the World Cup. The PSG striker sat in the front row alongside his friend and team-mate Ashraf Hakimi. Beaten the day before in Lens, they take advantage of a few days of rest to go to New York, and they are on fire for the exploits of Irving and Kevin Durant. Like Emmanuel Macron in the World Cup final, they even had the right to visit the locker room after the match.

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