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Joel Embiid closely follows Victor Wembanyama after seeing him face Rudy Gobert

After challenging his friend and former teammate Bilal Coulibaly, Victor Wembanyama continues with another major challenge, less friendly but just as important on a personal level. This Monday evening, the Spurs pivot will face Joel Embiid, the reigning MVP, and the best pivot on the East Coast. The entire NBA is impatient to see two phenomena face to face and the Sixers pivot is full of praise for his future opponent.

“Just look at his size and how easily he scored on Rudy (Gobert),” remembers Joel Embiid. “That’s when I started following him. »

For Embiid, 'Wemby' still doesn't consider himself a pivot

However, we remember that Joel Embiid was rather doubtful. “I think, first of all, he has to figure out where he wants to play, whether he wants to play as a fullback or a center. The question isn't necessarily whether he wants to be a fullback or an inside, but rather what he wants to become. Do you want to become KD or do you want to become me? » he asked the Frenchman at the end of December.

Replaced at position 5, “Wemby” responded on the court with a huge month of January during which he averaged 23.8 points, 9.4 rebounds and 3.3 blocks in just 25 minutes.

“He has the potential to accomplish great things,” continues Joel Embid. “Obviously it's huge when a player of that size is able to move the way he does – whether it's ball handling, shooting ability, defense or just his presence . »

Result: Joel Embiid no longer wants to advise him to choose “between KD and himself. » “I don’t think he considers himself a pivot. I think he just considers himself a basketball player. Honestly, that’s how I see myself too” concludes Joel Embiid.

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