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Isiah Thomas, hero on one ankle

In the history of the NBA Finals, there are injuries that have remained famous. The first was perhaps Willis Reed, in 1970, with his creaking thigh and his legendary entrance, limping onto the floor of Madison Square Garden for Game 7 against the Lakers. If the former Knicks pivot became a legend, it's because New York rode his two baskets at the start of the game and ended up winning the title. But basically, Willis Reed's contribution had been very meager on a statistical level. It was mainly mental and psychological.

And then, there is Isiah Thomas in 1988, still against the Los Angeles team. That day, the Detroit Pistons playmaker delivered a much stronger performance on a sporting level. On one ankle, Thomas suffered. But he also hurt the Lakers a lot.

This is what we tell you today in Histoire(s) de basketball. An episode written by Jonathan Demay.

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The episode – Isiah Thomas, hero on one ankle

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