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Gordon Herbert will leave the German team after the 2024 Olympic Games

Gordon Herbert and Germany is almost over. Indeed, in a press releasethe German federation and the coach announce that after the Olympic Games (August 31 exactly), the coach will no longer lead the Mannschaft.

Whoever takes control of the selection in 2021 will leave, whatever happens in Paris, with a superb record: two medals won, a bronze at Euro 2022 then gold at the World Cup in 2023.

“It was an incredible experience and an honor to coach this German national team”says Gordon Herbert. “I am grateful to President Ingo Weiss and Vice President Armin Andres for this opportunity and for their support. The medals were great, but what made this adventure unique were the people. I look forward to this final chapter, after three years, with the 2024 Olympic Games.”

Club desires

The technician's contract ran until 2025, but Gordon Herbert's desire to take charge of a club visibly weighed in the decision. We remember that he agreed to coach Asvel last October. But the German federation then vetoed it.

“We totally understand that Gordie wants to dedicate himself to another adventure after the Olympic Games and we are not putting any obstacles in his way,” reacted the president of the federation Ingo Weiss. “Anyone who knows Gordie knows that he will embark on preparations for the Games with unwavering commitment and passion. It would be great if our time together ended with another success. »

Germany is in Group B of the Olympic Games, alongside the future winner of the TQO in Latvia, but also Japan and France.

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