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Draft 2023 | Kris Murray follows in his brother’s footsteps

Keegan in 2022, and now Kris in 2023: the Murrays are definitely exporting well from Iowa to the NBA. Nearly a year after the Kings selected their 4th-place 2022 Draft twin, Kris Murray actually announced, via his Twitter accountwhich he in turn intended to join the pros at the start of the school year.

A completely logical decision for the winger, who after two relatively discreet first seasons in the shadow of his brother, came out of the woodwork this season and established himself as the solid “all-around” basketball player that we knew he was (20.2 points, 7.9 rebounds and 2 assists), but we were just waiting for the outbreak.

Winger of 2m03 for a little more than 100 kilos, like his brother when he arrived in the NBA last year, Kris Murray will rather be called upon to play on position 4 with the pros. So does his brother as he clearly lacks the speed to keep up against the league’s wingers athletically, especially in defence. But like Keegan, he still has a very interesting physical profile, with good stature and verticality, and will then have no trouble being a positive asset in a collective defense. Ditto in attack, where his sense of movement without the ball and his solid outside shot, in “spot-up” in particular, will ensure him a place in a rotation.

In short, Kris Murray does not have quite the same ceiling as his brother and will not be a titular “lottery pick” in his first match with the pros, but he remains a future “role player” nonetheless. of quality in the NBA, and could then no longer be available after the 20th choice of the Draft.

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