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Draft 2023 | Frenchman Rayan Rupert also present

It will not be only Victor Wembanyama among the French during the next NBA Draft. Rayan Rupert has just confirmed to ESPN that he was going to sign up to join the Big League next season!

“My dream has always been to play in the NBA” explains the son of the late Thierry Rupert, who turns 19 next month. “I am ready for the next stage of my career. »

Nothing surprising for the rear / winger, placed in 17th place of the best “prospects” of the vintage by ESPN, and who is generally announced in the middle or end of the first round of the 2023 Draft. It must be said that at 1m99 , but above all a wingspan of 2m20, the Frenchman has the physical assets to defend in almost all positions.

With his sense of the game and his ability to influence games in different ways, Rayan Rupert has something to intrigue the NBA franchises, as he explains that his time in the Australian championship has been positive.

Draft Combine to boost your odds

“The NBL is a good league for young players. It plays fast like in the NBA. The Breakers have helped me become a better player and a better person by playing against professionals every day. It was a good decision for me to play in the NBL. I had to earn my minutes, focus on my defence, learn to play off the ball, become a smarter player and use my IQ to influence the game.” he assures.

Rayan Rupert has averaged 6.6 points, 2.5 rebounds and 1.0 assists in 20 games this season (20 minutes per game) with the New Zealand Breakers. However, it is his success percentages that can question the scouts, with only 36% shooting success, including 25% at 3-pointers. While he has often been compared to a young Nicolas Batum, he explains to him that he rather takes a model from Mikal Bridges, in a “3&D” role.

“I watch a lot of Nets games. My favorite player is Mikal Bridges” continues Rayan Rupert. “He plays with great energy and can really do everything on the pitch. He used to be a 3&D player like me, but now he’s a franchise player. I really like everything about him. »

While he is currently training in Dallas, the young Frenchman will have the Draft Combine, from May 14 to 21 in Chicago, to reassure the franchises about his qualities as a shooter, his wrist fracture in November having undoubtedly disturbed him in this role. If he succeeds, his rating should logically climb, and therefore bring him closer to Victor Wembanyama, expected for his part in the very first place of the vintage.

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