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Becky Hammon denies making inappropriate comments against her pregnant player

The two-game suspension imposed on Becky Hammon following the investigation of the WNBA went very badly on the side of Las Vegas, which will therefore play its first two games of the regular season without its main coach.

It was the pressure inflicted on Dearica Hamby when she announced that she was pregnant that prompted the league to take this sanction which had no place for the main person concerned.

“I’m going to take this little hit and keep moving forward”said Becky Hammon. “We are stronger than that. That’s not what Aces are. It’s not who I am. And so, yes, everyone is disappointed with the situation, but at the end of the day, we know who we are and we go to sleep every night knowing this truth”.

The former Spurs assistant confirmed that she spoke with Dearica Hamby about her pregnancy without going into detail.

“I imagine we would have to ask the interpretation of the league. But, yes, from what I understand, that’s where I made a faux pas, if you will », she addedalso claiming that she had not sent malicious messages or emails to her former player on this subject. “Actually, I didn’t see that Dearica said she got mean texts from us. I think it’s completely made up by someone on the outside who doesn’t know what it is.”

The transfer of his player is not linked to her pregnancy defends Becky Hammon

The WNBA for its part indicated that it had carried out its investigation by questioning no less than 33 people to come to its conclusions, and to believe that “inappropriate” questions had been asked by the Aces coach. For its part, the Las Vegas franchise issued a statement of support to Becky Hammon.

“The WNBA’s decisions regarding Becky Hammon are inconsistent with what we know and love about her. Becky is a caring human being who forms close personal relationships with her players.”is it written.

To conclude on this incident, Becky Hammon advanced two points, first on the reasons for the choice to separate from Dearica Hamby, then on what could push the latter to denounce the actions of her coach, with whom she was however very close.

“We made the decision to transfer Hamby because we could get three players on his one contract. I believe the reason seems obvious, but Hamby’s pregnancy was never an issue and was never the reason she was traded. It just wasn’t. It was a matter of mathematics and business. That’s all. Nothing personal”she explained. “I had a great relationship with Hamby all this time, which is probably why she felt like that. It’s like a betrayal”.

The departure of Dearica Camby has also allowed the Las Vegas Aces to recruit Candace Parker, two-time MVP of the WNBA.

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