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Back to basics for the Heat’s “Classic Edition” jersey

It’s the turn of the Miami Heat to go back in time for the choice of their “Classic Edition” jersey, which Erik Spoelstra’s team will wear twenty times this season.

It is indeed the very first jersey, worn by the franchise following its creation in 1988, which has been designated.

With a classic style in white with ‘borders’ in red and orange, it had already been revived in the 2015/16 season. It’s obviously less “flashy” than the famous “Vice” collection, but the historical side should also have its effect among the biggest fans of the Heat.

So here it is back 35 years later, as the franchise recalled in its clip featuring the stars of the time, Tim Hardaway or Alonzo Mourning, not to mention Dwyane Wade who also wore it in 2015 /16.

It remains to know the date of marketing of these jerseys, as well as the matches during which the players of the Heat will wear it.

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