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A statue of Damian Lillard in front of the Moda Center?

Damian Lillard ended up leaving Portland. The leader wanted to join Miami but took the direction of Milwaukee, which ultimately does not displease him…

Nevertheless, the seven-time All-Star did not fail to tackle his former leaders following his transfer. In song and through Chris Haynes, a journalist he is close to, Damian Lillard made it clear that he didn’t like Joe Cronin’s way of doing thingsthe Blazers GM, who never really considered the Heat option.

In his very, very long letter of thanks, Damian Lillard also had a little word for almost everyone in Portland, except Joe Cronin.

“Lillard and I went through a lot this summer”, confirms the leader, not resentful. “It hasn’t always been friendly and perfect. The fact of not appearing in this letter is nothing other than the sign that the summer was difficult for both of them. He didn’t want to thank me at that moment. »

Joe Cronin, however, repeats that contrary to what Damian Lillard says, the Blazers’ objective has always been to build a title candidate around the leader. A goal that was not fulfilled.

“We have already retired a lot of numbers. And we had this conversation: Should we create another level of recognition for him? »

“Our directions were not the same. Things didn’t work out. Our intentions were pure: we wanted to build a winning team around him. We failed to do so. I don’t think it’s a lie. We just couldn’t do it.”

But from the moment Damian Lillard requested his transfer, there was no turning back. Chris Haynes, however, assures that after understanding that the Blazers would not send him to Miami, the leader contacted Joe Cronin to tell him he was finally ready to stay to the Blazers and to withdraw his trade request. A request swept aside by Joe Cronin, who wanted to complete the process started.

“We really need to move forward. We have excellent young talent. We’re not like other rebuilding teams that don’t have a solid core of young players. It’s time to turn the page”explains Jody Allen, the owner of the team since the death of her brother.

Turn the page but keep in mind the impact of Damian Lillard. There is no doubt that the number #0 point guard will be retired by the franchise. But maybe a statue will even be erected in front of the Moda Center. In any case, this is one of the avenues studied by Dewayne Hankins, in charge of the business side in Portland.

“We have already retired a lot of numbers. And we had this conversation: Should we create another level of recognition for him? » he asks himself.

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