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Will the Pittsburgh Pirates stay as good?

If the Pirates’ start to the season was impressive, the last three losses, against the Tampa Bay Rays, have many people saying that the Pirates may not be so exceptional after all.

Say what you want, but the Pirates are still one of the best teams in the league. With a record of 20 wins and 12 losses, they are at the top of their division, and second in the National League. And if we look at the entire league, they are currently fourth (behind the Baltimore Rays and Orioles).

Yes, they got swept away by the Rays, that’s a fact. But is it a surprise? Not really. We are talking about the best team in the league, with a record of 26 wins and 6 losses, and this, being in the highest division of the league. So it’s no surprise that the Pirates dropped three games.

And, at the start of the week, everyone knew the Pirates were going to have the toughest week of the season so far: three games against the Rays, and three games against the Blue Jays. It’s not easy, and I don’t think many teams would pull off three straight wins against the Rays.

What is hard for the Pirates, and especially their fans (including me), is that everyone sees them at the bottom of the rankings. It’s true, no one expected to see the Pirates so good. Will they manage to stay on top for a long time? It’s hard to say. Except that it must be said, if you have watched the Pirates since the start of the season, you have seen a team that is fun to watch.

MLB has taken a poll to see if MLB executives believe the Pirates will be able to continue to achieve as much success. Many of them (15 out of 20) believe the Pirates will finish third or fourth in their division. Only one believes they will finish first, and none believe they will finish last.

What I suggest is wait and see. I believe the Pirates could impress until the last moments of the season. To be continued…

With the series against the Blue Jays, I believe many of you will be watching the Pirates, perhaps for the first time this season. Here are some of my observations:

  • Andrew McCutchen is not expected to play infield, but he continues to perform well as a designated hitter. In addition, the Pirates are at home, he is always better at home.
  • Ji Hwan Bea’s speed AMAZES. With 13 stolen bases since the start of the season, he is tied for second behind Ronald Acuna.
  • The Pirates have stolen a total of 44 bases since the start of the season, ending up in first place in the league, well ahead of the Cleveland Guardians with 37.
  • Jack Suwinski hits long balls, often. (A little reminder of last year).

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