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Pittsburgh: Andrew McCutchen saw other teams win (and he wants to do the same)

Last year, Andrew McCutchen returned to Pittsburgh. The goal? Earn.

He managed to lead his team to good results for about a month, but for the rest, it was difficult.

The goal for the 2024 Pirates will be to be in the race until the very end. Manager Derek Shelton even thinks the club can win its division.

It's because McCutchen believes he will be able to win with the Pirates that he returned, once again, in 2024.

And he really believes it.

In fact, today the legendary Pirates player mentioned that he loved seeing the Penguins and Steelers win in the past. He wants to recreate that, but with his Pirates.

He says that at the time, the Penguins and Steelers were winning and making the city vibrate. He wanted to join in the fun, but the Pirates' good years weren't many.

He believes Pittsburgh fans are behind them, however.

I believe Pittsburgh is a baseball town before it is a football or hockey town. And it's nothing against the Pens or Steelers.

– Andrew McCutchen

The Pirates are still missing elements to really think about winning. That said, the central division of the National is not the most powerful, which can help.

Let's say that a good start to the season will be important there.

Charles-Alexis Brisebois

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