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Padres and Mets: Money doesn’t buy wins

The Padres, much like the Mets, haven’t had it easy this year. It’s almost like building team chemistry with so many new guys isn’t easy.

But seriously, with a 20-24 record and a 2-8 record in 10 games, the Padres are in disarray. The club also held a team meeting after yesterday’s duel.

And it won’t be better if Manny Machado, who has a sore hand, makes his way to the injured list.

Some people have pointed out that the Mets seem to be having too much fun on the bench. Sometimes, in defeat, the stars laugh. Is there a strong enough culture there?

When you look at what the Dodgers are doing (8-2 for 10 games, eight games ahead of the Padres in the standings), you realize that they may have known what they were doing this winter.

And we realize that the Padres still have crusts to eat. Right now, Bob Melvin’s men are two and a half games away from the playoffs.

But they are not the only ones with an astronomical payroll and not delivering the goods: the Mets too.

Yesterday’s win over the Rays helps a bit, but otherwise, with the poor performance of the top earners and the club’s lack of attack, the criticism is… sharp.

With the biggest payroll in baseball, it’s crazy to think the club isn’t playing for .500. It’s crazy to think that the best pitchers don’t do their job.

But here we are.

There is still time to recover, of course, but at the moment it is clear that measures must be taken to bring a little culture within the teams.

Management will have to work hard to get there.

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