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Luis Severino is expected to start the season on the injured list

When it’s bad, it’s bad.

The Yankees expect Luis Severino to start the season on the injured list, as he won’t make his final start in the Pamplemousses due to a slat injury.

It was this morning that the first big echoes of an injury echoed publicly in the Bronx – or rather in Florida, at the camp of the Yankees.

Last year, a similar injury sidelined the pitcher for more than two months.

Obviously, for the pitcher, it’s a hard blow. In recent years, injuries have multiplied in his case and he seems unable to stay healthy.

Since his big 2018 season, he has only 26 outings, including 22 starts, behind the tie in New York. He seems to be discouraged… and we can understand that.

But it’s also a blow for the Yankees. At this point, the pitchers have their routine and not everyone can pitch the second game of the year.

Clarke Schmidt may be “the lucky one” to start behind Gerrit Cole in the rotation.

Fortunately, Nestor Cortes Jr. is also healthy because the club currently has to deal without Carlos Rodon and Frankie Montas… in addition to several other players who are not starting pitchers.

We are talking here about Tommy Kahnle, Harrison Bader, Lou Trivino and Scott Effross. The Montreal Canadiens have their equivalent in the MLB, obviously.

In a division where the Blue Jays rely on a Yusei Kikuchi 2.0 as their fifth starter, the Yankees go with a hold against them.

No, it will not be an easy start to the season.

Domingo German should therefore be part of the rotation as pitcher #4.

And as a fifth starter? The options are on the table, but let’s just say seeing Jhony Brito’s name circulating isn’t exactly great news.

Will the Yankees, who have too many infielders, have to trade a player (like Gleyber Torres?) for reinforcement on the mound? After all, three regulars fell in battle…and the season hasn’t begun.

Gerrit Cole has no leeway, we’ll tell each other. It’s better to stay healthy (which has never really been a problem for him) and to perform.

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