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Julio Urias knows 2023 could be his last season with the Dodgers

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Julio Urías will enter his final season before going free as air. Even if he knows very well that this could be a major step in his career, the main interested party is not overly worried about his future.

It’s not something you can forget. But obviously, I’m going to try to maximize my focus on baseball, and later, whatever has to happen will happen. My reps and the team will have time to talk, but right now I’m 100% focused on the pitch.

The one who has only had the Dodgers as a franchise for the past seven years is reaching the peak of his career, which coincides extremely well with the autonomy that hangs over his nose.

And that, as usual, his agent Scott Boras knows more than anyone, and he salivates at the idea of ​​the commission that could enter his bank account.

He will offer a team the best of his career.

Add to that his record of 17 wins against 7 losses in 2022 and his earned run average established at 2.16 and already we feel that the contract negotiations will not be easy.

Barring an injury or a poor performance in 2023, we can therefore expect him to test the market and maximize his value next fall.

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