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David Ortiz can’t understand why Red Sox players don’t ask him for advice

A player arriving in Major League Baseball, no matter how good, cannot know everything about baseball. That’s why it’s good to surround him with veterans who know how to do it.

But that’s also why contacts with former players can be interesting.

In the case of the Red Sox, they can count on a former player like David Ortiz. The legend works on behalf of the Red Sox, which makes contacts even easier.

But Ortiz says he doesn’t understand why, besides Trevor Story, no one comes to see him to take him aside to chat about baseball with him.

The Hall of Famer says he wants to help and is not hard to approach. He will never refuse to help a young player develop better.

But they don’t.

I can’t believe it’s a team instruction (at the Montreal Canadiens, a few years ago, it was…not recommended to talk to old people) because Grandpa works for the club.

According to the former DH, there is a lack of leadership in the club’s locker room. He would like to contribute, but he is not going to impose himself either.

Nor is it as if he is no longer in the game for so long that his instructions no longer apply: he played less than 10 years ago.

Being a player in Boston, let’s say I would take the opportunity to talk to him.

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