What golf ball does xander schauffele use?

Xander Schauffele uses the Callaway Chrome Soft X LS golf ball.

Beside the above, what Superstroke grip does Xander Schauffele use? Xander uses a interlocking grip style for woods and irons, which is a very good choice for golfers with small hands. He uses a neutral hand position grip to help prevent too much golf ball side spin.

Additionally, what ball does Phil Mickelson play? Phil Mickelson plays the Callaway Chrome Soft X golf ball.

Subsequently, what clubs does Xander Schauffele use 2021?

  1. Driver: Callaway Epic Speed Triple Diamond LS (10.5 degrees @9 degrees)
  2. 3-wood: Callaway Epic Speed Triple Diamond (15 degrees @14)
  3. 7-wood: Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero (20 degrees @18.8)
  4. Irons: Callaway Apex TCB (4-PW)

Similarly, what golf ball does Scottie Scheffler use? Scottie Scheffler uses the Titleist Pro V1 golf ball.Callaway Apex TCB His irons have recently changed from a set of Callaway Apex Pro prototypes, to a set of Apex TCB prototypes. They go from four iron down to pitching wedge and have Nippon shafts.

What putter does Poston use?

His putter is a Scotty Cameron GoLo 5 and he uses a Titleist Pro V1x ball.

What shaft does Dustin Johnson use?

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Dustin Johnson uses a TaylorMade SIM2 Max driver but has been known to switch back to the regular SIM model from the year before. What remains consistent is the loft which is 10.5 degrees, and the shaft which is a Fujikura Speeder 661 X prototype shaft.

What clubs do Bryson Dechambeau use?

Bryson Dechambeau Irons Bryson’s four and five irons are high-launching, cavity-backed Cobra Speedzone One Length irons while the rest of his set are Cobra King Forged Tour One Length Irons – built for performance and workability but now superseded by Cobra King Forged Tec One Irons.

What kind of irons does Brooks koepka use?

Brooks Koepka is a Srixon and Cleveland Golf Tour Staff player. Brooks Koepka uses the Cleveland RTX Zipcore wedges. Brooks Koepka uses Srixon ZX7 irons.

What length driver does Xander Schauffele use?

5 in the world and who finished the last PGA Tour season ranked 22nd in driving distance, used a 45.5-inch Callaway Epic Speed Triple Diamond driver (from $529.99 at Carl’s Golf Land) with 9 degrees of loft fitted with a Graphite Design Tour AD BB 7 X shaft.

What is in Xander Schauffele 2022 bag?

  1. 3-wood: Callaway Epic Speed Triple Diamond (15 degrees @14) Shaft: Mitsubishi Kai’li White 70 TX.
  2. 7-wood: Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero (20 degrees @18.8) Shaft: Mitsubishi Kai’li White 90 TX.
  3. Irons: Callaway Apex TCB (4-PW)

What driver is Xander Schauffele using?

But there was Xander Schauffele on Wednesday morning, taking cuts with a 10.5-degree Callaway Epic Speed Triple Diamond LS driver that wasn’t in his bag prior to arriving at Whistling Straits.

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What is in Scheffler’s bag?

Though terms of the deal were not disclosed, it will include Scheffler playing the company’s Stealth Plus driver, Stealth fairway woods and P. 7TW irons, as well as a TaylorMade staff bag.

What is in the bag Mark Hubbard?

His 5-iron is a Titleist T100, then he plays Titleist 620 MB irons (6-9). He has a line-up of four Titleist Vokey SM8 wedges (see exact specs below) and plays a Titleist Pro V1 ball.

What clubs does Tyrell Hatton?

  1. Tyrrell Hatton What’s In The Bag?
  2. Driver: Ping G425 LST, 9.5°, with Mitsubishi Diamana RF 60 TX shaft.
  3. 3 wood: Ping G425 LST, 14°, with Mitsubishi Diamana DF 70 TX.
  4. 7 wood: Ping G425 Max, 19.5° with Mitsubishi Diamana DF 80 TX shaft.
  5. *Utility Iron: Ping G410 Crossover, 20.5°

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