Are old NBA cards worth anything?

And their continued popularity and demand prove that basketball cards still do hold great value. That is a fact not likely to end any time soon. Only a finite number of them still exist and as likely as it is that basketball will remain a very popular sport, collectors will do anything to get their hands on them.

Beside above, what NBA trading cards are worth money?

  1. 2009 Stephen Curry National Treasures Rookie Auto Logoman.
  2. Lebron James 2003-2004 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Rookie Patch Autograph.
  3. 2018-2019 National Treasures Luka Doncic Rookie Card Autograph Logoman.
  4. Giannis Antetokounmpo 2013 National Treasures Logoman Autograph.

Also the question is, what 90’s basketball cards are worth money?

  1. 1996 Topps Chrome Refractor (Check Price)
  2. 1996 Finest Gold Refractor (Check Price)
  3. 1997 Upper Deck Game Jersey Michael Jordan (Check Price)
  4. 1997 SPx Michael Jordan Die-Cut Autograph (Check Price)
  5. 1997 Skybox E-X2001 Michael Jordan (Check Price)

You asked, how do I find out how much my NBA cards are worth? You can check the list of sold items similar to your card and see the value they were of the price and the date they were sold. You can base your selling price on this and see if people might be interested in buying.

People ask also, what can you do with old basketball cards?

  1. Donate them.
  2. Put them in a garage/yard sale.
  3. List them in an online classified.
  4. Donate them to a charity auction.
  5. Give them to some neighbors.
  6. Advertise them in your local newspaper/shopper.
  7. Barter.
  8. Package them up and give them away at Halloween.

Unfortunately, they won’t likely be worth much (unless you’ve got some very specific sets like 1986-87 Fleer Basketball). For the most part, the collections people have from the ’80s and ’90s are not strong because those cards were over-produced.

What is the rarest NBA card?

Michael Jordan is the most decorated and iNFLuential basketball player in league history, and his 1997-98 Upper Deck game-used jersey card from the 1997 All Star Game is his most valuable basketball card of all time.

Why are 90s basketball cards worthless?

This trend reached its peak in 1993 when O’Neal was drafted first by the Orlando Magic, leading a lot of people to chase his rookie cards. As a result, the market was flooded with so much supply that it greatly diminished the value of these cards. After 1994, overall interest in basketball cards would slowly fade away.

What basketball cards from the 80’s and 90’s are worth money?

  1. 1986-87 Fleer James Worthy RC #131.
  2. 1986-87 Fleer Chris Mullin RC #77.
  3. 1981-82 Topps Kevin McHale RC #75.
  4. 1988-89 Fleer Reggie Miller RC #57.
  5. 1988-89 Fleer John Stockton RC #115.
  6. 1986-87 Fleer Isiah Thomas RC # 109.
  7. 1986-87 Fleer Clyde Drexler RC #26.

Are Shaq rookie cards worth anything?

Shaquille O’Neal’s rookie value is very high, as evidenced by this list, and this card tops it at $3,499. This PSA 10 card is one of the 53 cards with that grade in the 382-card population. Of the 1,030 cards seen BGS, none are BGS 10 or Black Label.

Are Jordan cards worth anything?

As you can see, even in ungraded condition, Exquisite Collection Jordan’s can sell for big bucks. This example, numbered 4 of 10 from their 2009 offering, sold for an incredible $65,655. It’s amazing to me that cards such as this, produced long after Jordan’s playing days were over can still be worth so much.

Why NBA cards are expensive?

The value of an NBA card, much like any other collectible, depends on multiple factors, like the featured player, the year it was manufactured, and what part of a collection the card is from. Rookie cards are typically priced the highest because the potential of the players will dictate the value.

Where can I sell basketball cards online?

Online marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist are both places you can sell your basketball cards. By selling your cards online, you get to decide how much you want to charge for them.

How do I sell my sports card collection?

  1. Create A List Of Your Card Collection.
  2. Talk To Card Dealers.
  3. Learn About Sports Card Grading.
  4. Have a Price In Mind.
  5. Consider Passing On To Heirs If Possible.
  6. Get Educated On The Hobby.
  7. Invest In A Scanner For Your Cards.
  8. Consign Your Cards To An Auction House.

Are 1980s baseball cards worth anything?

Despite some blips and drops, several baseball rookie cards from the 1980s have held up well and will continue to sell strongly in the years to come. As more collectors return to the hobby, values may even climb a little.

Will sports cards ever be valuable again?

The bottom line is that few hobby experts feel that the value of vintage sports cards will appreciate in the near future. Hopefully the tradition of the hobby will bring in enough new collectors to keep that price from declining too far.

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