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NHL Playoffs: The Panthers and Hurricanes played the 6th longest game in history.

Game Summary: Panthers 3, Hurricanes 2

Thursday night in Raleigh, the East final tested the will of fans as the Panthers and Hurricanes kept the fun going until the fourth period of overtime.

At this point, Matthew Tkachuk waited almost the entire end of the engagement to score the winning goal for the Panthers. Clearly armed with a keen sense of showmanship, Tkachuk completed a game that will go down in history for both organizations regardless of the outcome of this series.

Thursday’s game lasted 139 minutes and 47 seconds. It’s almost two and a half hours on the ice actively playing. We spare you the total time of the match with breaks and stoppages, but the last whistle came about six hours after the first face-off.

For the record, it is the sixth longest game in NHL history. It was also the 15th time in playoff history that a game went to at least 4th overtime and for both organizations, we’re talking about the longest game in their respective histories.

In fact, it wasn’t really hard to determine since Game 1 of the Eastern Finals was officially the 6th longest game in NHL history.

Longest games in NHL playoff history

Year Winning team Final mark Opponent Extension periods Game time Winning goal scorer
1936 Red Wings 1-0 Maroons 6 176:30 Mud Bruneteau
1933 Maple Leafs 1-0 Bruins 6 164:46 Ken Doraty
2000 flyers 2-1 Penguins 5 152:01 Keith Primeau
2020 Lightning 3-2 Blue Jackets 5 150:27 Brayden Point
2003 mighty ducks 4-3 stars 5 140:48 Petr Sykora
2023 Panthers 3-2 Hurricanes 4 139:47 Matthew Tkachuk
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Tkachuk’s goal robbed both teams of a Top-5 finish in this historic list 20 years after the wild night between the Ducks and the Stars in 2003.

You have to go back to 1936 to relive the longest game in history when the Wings won a game in 6th overtime with almost three hours of playing time.

Luckily for the Panthers and Hurricanes, they were well rested heading into this final as we enjoyed a longer break while waiting for the finalists out West. We bet, however, that a game twice as long to start hostilities will require additional recovery before the second game of the series on Saturday, still in Raleigh.



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