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NHL/Canucks: “If they want to throw their stuff on the ice, it’s their choice, says JT Miller

Vancouver Canucks forward JT Miller said Monday it’s up to fans how they react to the team’s performance, after a fan threw a team jersey on the ice Saturday night.

The Canucks are off to a disastrous start to the season with an 0-4-2 record. They hit rock bottom Saturday night in a 5-1 home loss to the Buffalo Sabers. Fan reaction was marked by boos and a Canucks jersey was thrown on the ice late in the third period.

“If they want to throw their stuff (their sh*t) on the ice, that’s their choice,” Miller said Monday of the incident. “If they want to come to the game, spend all that money and throw their gear on the ice, that’s their choice. Do what you want. Me, I have a job to do. ”

Canucks head coach Bruce Boudreau said Saturday he hopes the fan reaction will inspire the team’s players to turn their season around.

“My job is to help us find a way out,” Boudreau said. “I will do everything I can to rectify the situation. That’s how I would feel if they booed us off the ice like that. I hope our pride will be put to use. ”

Miller, who signed a seven-year, $56 million contract this summer that begins in 2023-24, has two goals and three points in six games this season.

Having already criticized his own performance earlier this season, he spoke about the team’s play in the third period on Saturday.

“Pretty frustrating,” Miller said after the loss. ” We left [le gardien Thatcher Demko] to himself in the last ten minutes. We had a chance to win in the 3rd period. Until the 3rd period I thought we were playing a pretty good game. Going out and playing a third third like that, given our situation, was hard to swallow. ”

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