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Tom Brady formalizes his NFL retirement!

Tom Brady announced this Tuesday on Instagram that he is ending his career.

The quarterback chose to make his announcement in the form of a text published in several images.

“I’ve always thought that American football is something you do hard. If we’re not 100%, then we don’t succeed, and what I like most about this game is winning. There is a physical, mental and emotional challenge EVERY day and it has allowed me to maximize my potential. And I’ve done my best for the past 22 years. There are no shortcuts to success on the court or in life.

It’s hard to write for me, but here it is: I’m not going to dedicate myself to competition anymore. I enjoyed my NFL career, and now it’s time to focus my time and energy on other things that need my attention.

I’ve been thinking a lot over the past week and asking myself some tough questions. And I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished. My teammates, coaches, opponents and supporters deserve me to be 100%, but right now it’s better to leave the field to the new generation of players who are at their best.

To my Buccaneers teammates for the past two years, I love you, and I loved going to fight with you. You’ve gone so far to surpass yourself, and it’s inspired me to wake up every morning to give it my all. I’m always here for you guys, and I want to see you continue to push yourself to be the best. I couldn’t be happier with what we’ve accomplished together.

To all the Buccaneers fans, thank you. I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived here, but your support and hospitality has enriched my life and that of my family. I was honored to play for such fun and passionate fans. What a Krewe!!!

To the City of Tampa and the entire region, thank you. It’s been great to be a resident of such a fun place to live. I want to be invited to our next boat parade.

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To the Glazer family, thank you for believing in me and supporting me. I know I’ve been demanding at times, but you provided everything we needed to win, and your leadership was everything a player could dream of.

To Jason Licht, thank you for your daily support and friendship. I will never forget him. I had never experienced free agency, and had some concerns about how we could achieve success. Your leadership gave me confidence, and I will always be grateful.

To my coach Bruce Arians, thank you for supporting me! Your strong leadership and guidance was spot on. We could never have won without your experience, your intuition and your wisdom. I’m very grateful.

To all of the Bucs coaches, my sincere thanks for all the hard work and discipline it takes to create a winning team. I have learned so much from all of you and am happy with the connections we have.

To all Buccaneers employees, thank you. You have all been very important, and I was greeted with a smile every day. Its important to me. You work long hours and do hard things, but know that I see what you are all doing. Thank you so much.

To Alex Guerrero, thank you. I could never have been ready every Sunday without you. It’s that simple. Your dedication to your job and our friendship are impossible to measure. We have an unbreakable bond, and I adore you.

To Don Yee and Steve Dubin, thank you. You have been with me every step of the way since I left the University of Michigan and before I came to the league. What an adventure it’s been, and I couldn’t have done it without you.

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To my parents and my entire family (and extended family and countless friends), I love you and thank you for your endless love and support. I could never have imagined the time and energy you have given me over the past 30 years in American football. I can never give it back to you. And know that I love you very much.

And finally to my wife, Gisele, and my children, Jack, Benny and Vivi. You are my inspiration. Our family is my greatest accomplishment. When I left the field, I was always reunited with the most loving family of women, who supported me and did EVERYTHING for our family so that I could focus on my career. His selflessness has allowed me to reach new heights professionally, and there are not enough words to say what you mean to me and my family. I love you.

My career has been an incredible adventure, further than I could imagine, full of ups and downs. When we live it on a daily basis, we don’t really think about the end. Today, however, I think of all the great players and coaches I’ve had the privilege of playing with, and against. The competition was fierce and dense, JUST THE WAY I LOVE IT. But the friendships and relationships are just as fierce and deep. I will remember and cherish these memories, and think back to them often. I feel like the luckiest person in the world.

The future is exciting. I’m lucky to have co-founded amazing companies like, Brady Brand, and TB12 Sports, which I can’t wait to help grow. But as for what I’m going to do every day, it’s still under construction. Like I said earlier, I’ll take it one day at a time. I’m sure I want to spend a lot of time giving back and enriching the lives of others, like so many others have done for me.

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With much love, appreciation and gratitude,

Leaving for Tampa in 2020, he won the title with the Buccaneers in his first season in Florida. Enough to bring his total to 7 rings. An absolute record. This season, he failed in the second round of the playoffs against the Rams.

3-time league MVP and 5-time Super Bowl MVP. He holds the records for most wins by a quarterback, most passes attempted, most passes completed, most passing touchdowns, and most yards. In career, Brady threw 624 touchdowns for 203 interceptions during the regular season. He completed 7,263 passes for 84,520 yards.

In the final stages, his counter shows 35 wins for 12 defeats. Obviously, no one won as much as him in January and February. He threw 86 touchdowns for 39 interceptions in the playoffs.

With the Patriots, Brady won his first six rings. All this having been selected only in the sixth round of the Draft. It was during his second season that he took charge of the attack, following the injury of holder Drew Bledsoe. Titled from his first campaign, he never let go of his role again, until he became the most successful man in his sport.

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