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Tom Brady and Sean Payton at the Dolphins? The plan that Brian Flores would have sunk

And if the retirement of Tom Brady was only the first blow of a great series of maneuvers? This is reported by the Boston Globe and Pro Football Talk.

Several sources would have confirmed to our colleagues that, when he announced his departure from the Buccaneers on February 1, Brady had already been in contact with the Dolphins. Stephen Ross, the owner, would have offered him a place as a minority owner, as well as a management position.

Brady is from the University of Michigan, as are Ross and Bruce Beal, one of the franchise’s minority owners.

Once the agreement was announced and the number 12 presented in his new role, the idea would have been to wait for the Buccaneers to turn the page and choose a new pitcher… before going to find them to negotiate transfer compensation, in order to that Brady comes out of his sports retirement and puts on the Dolphins jersey!

This is where Sean Payton comes in. The coach left the Saints on January 25, specifying also that he intended to return to the bench one day. According to the Boston Globe, if he came to Miami, Brady wanted an experienced coach he trusted. Incidentally, Brady and Payton share the same agent, Don Yee. Sources within the Dolphins confirmed to Pro Football Talk that the team asked the Saints for permission to speak to Payton immediately after his departure was announced, but before Brian Flores filed a lawsuit against the NFL.

And Brian Flores attacked

Only a few hours after the announcement of Brady’s retirement, an event would have put all these maneuvers in check. Fired on January 10 by the Dolphins, Brian Flores attacks the NFL. Its collective action denounces racist practices in the hiring of coaches, but not only. He also accuses Stephen Ross of having asked him to lose matches.

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Above all, he accuses the owner of the Dolphins of having asked him to meet with a major quarterback in violation of the rules of communication with opposing players. According to the Miami Beach Post, it’s Brady. What support the idea that the seven-time champion and Ross had been in contact for a long time.

Faced with this burning situation, Ross and Brady would then be forced to bury their agreement. Hiring Brady as a manager and Payton as a coach, without interviewing anyone, in the middle of a trial on charges of racial discrimination, it was not the best effect.

Unwittingly, Flores would therefore have thwarted the Brady-Payton plan for Miami.

Direction Manchester, to have the head of Bruce Arians

Brady would therefore have retired without believing it, with the aim of going to Miami. But the Dolphins in the water option, what to do? To come back. But not before a detour to Manchester on March 12. The Glazer family, owners of the Buccaneers, also have a hand in Manchester United.

A discussion takes place. The next day, Brady announces his return. On March 30, Bruce Arians announced that he was leaving the Buccaneers bench. In this compartment of the file, the clues were placed in the days following the player’s retirement.

“The honeymoon between Tom Brady and Bruce Arians was over in Tampa,” his teammate and now consultant Rich Ohrnberger announced on Twitter on February 18. “Retirement wasn’t related to problems agreeing on the offensive game plan, but the relationship was sour. Apparently, while Arians was tending to his Achilles tendons early in the morning, offensive coordinator Byron Leftwitch and Brady came to work on the game plan for the week. Arians would arrive later and go over their work in red pen. The quarterback and the coordinator felt like their job was being undermined. There was tension. “

Letfwitch and Brady are still there. Like all the other coaches. Only Arians left. All that for this.

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