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The 7 lessons of week 11: time for layoffs

Ron Rivera must go

With Sunday’s loss, Ron Rivera once again saw his team lose to weaker players. This season, the Commanders lost twice to the Giants and once to the Bears.

The team has not progressed since his arrival. Inconsistency reigns. Ron Rivera needs to pack his bags.

Brandon Staley too

We announced it was in danger a few weeks ago, this time the ax may fall. The Chargers need to end the Brandon Staley experiment. If the results are not catastrophic, the lack of progress in defense should end up costing him his place.

In addition to the new embarrassing defeat this Sunday, Staley seems to have completely lost control as illustrated by his post-match press conference.

The Kenny Pickett Experiment Can End

We could have written for the umpteenth time about Matt Canada. But everything has already been said about the Steelers’ bad offensive coordinator.

On the other hand, Pickett had slipped through the rain. Until there. Except that the case of the quarterback raises questions. He is not progressing, is too often imprecise or bad in pocket management. After 22 career games, he has still only thrown 13 touchdowns and has only had 1 game with at least 2 touchdowns…

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Too bad numbers for a 1st round quarterback. Kenny doesn’t have what it takes to be a good starter in the NFL.

End of season for Cincinnati

The game took place on Thursday and it’s been an eternity in NFL time. But let’s not forget that the Beanglas lost against Baltimore and especially lost Joe Burrow.

If the management of Burrow’s health could be the subject of a lesson of the week, the main one on the Bengals side remains above all that the hope of going to the playoff seems to be over. After 2 consecutive AFC finals, the Bengals should not return to the final stages this year.

Jared Goff has mentality

Starting quarterback of a fiery attack, captain of a team to the Super Bowl, then maligned and traded… Jared Goff’s career is a roller coaster.
So obviously, this Sunday, when the quarterback is intercepted twice in the first half, we think that Goff will end up sinking. After an almost too perfect start to the season, this seems inevitable.

But the player once again showed foolproof mentality. He went for two touchdowns in 4 minutes to give his team the victory. With a record of 8-2 in 10 games, the Lions are heading to the playoffs. Detroit has not had such a record after 10 games since President Kennedy!

The Broncos are doing better

With 4 victories in a row, Sean Payton’s men are smiling again! Denver just beat the Chiefs, Bills and Vikings. A great CV to regain confidence in a group that lacked so much.

Besides the attack which has been better since the start of the season, the good news comes mainly from the defense. Excellent last year, the Broncos defense had a difficult start to the season. For 3 weeks, she has just had a series of 12 caused turnovers and an average of 17 points conceded. This is much better and allows the offense to have the opportunity to close out the game.

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Sean Payton is winning his bet.

Changing quarterbacks is not enough

Yes, Will Levis brought some dynamism to the Attack on Titans. But Tennessee’s offensive problem seems more structural than that. 16.8 points scored per game this season, 17.5 points last year…

Mike Vrabel’s men have been skating for over a year and a half on the offensive side. The line is bad, Treylon Burks disappoints and Derrick Henry ages. If Tennessee does not want to waste Levis’ young years, they will have to quickly shake things up in the squad.

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