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The 12 lessons of Week 6: Aaron Rodgers should have retired


Brian Daboll is already the Coach of the Year

With five wins in six games, the Giants surprisingly have the second-best record in the NFC behind the Eagles. Five wins is also one more than all of last season (4-13 record). The big difference? Brian Daboll.

The former Bills offensive coordinator who was voted the NFL’s Best Assistant of 2020 has completely changed the dynamic of the Giants since his arrival last January. Despite a limited squad and injuries, he has rebuilt New York into a team that is competitive, opportunistic, and above all, fearless. Knowing that the Giants will meet the Jaguars, Seahawks, Texans and Lions in their next four games, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them with an eight-game winning record after ten games.

The favorite for the title of Coach of the Year is Daboll and no one else.

Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner is the worthy heir to Darrelle Revis

Maybe we’re on fire. And no doubt it is too early to make such a comparison. But Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner’s early career is impressive enough to put his name in the same sentence as former Jets All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Same position, same team, a very serious ability to shutdown his opponent and a nickname that slaps as much as Revis Island, in short, the fourth choice of the last draft is bringing back great memories to the Jets fanbase. Yesterday in the win at Green Bay, Gardner pulled off some Revis-like streaks again, which shouldn’t surprise you considering the future Hall of Famer and the rookie have been in contact since the latter was drafted.

Justin Tucker is not perfect

61 successful field goals in a row in the fourth quarter and extra time, 17/17 in his career when he hits a kick in the last minute of a match, and an excellent 9/9 in field goal this year.

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Justin Tucker had everything Mr. Perfect…until this Sunday. In the first quarter against the Giants, the Ravens kicker saw his 56-yard attempt hit the left post. A first since the tenth week of last season.

Will the Earth stop spinning?

Big play Chase is back

After a stellar rookie season, Bengals wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase was less prominent in the first five games of the season as opposing defenses made the necessary adaptations to avoid big plays similar to last year’s. . But yesterday, Chase put on his Superman costume.

At home in New Orleans (he was born and raised in the suburbs of NOLA) and at the stadium where he won the national title under the colors of LSU with Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr racked up 132 yards on 7 receptions with 2 touchdowns in the key, including one from 60 yards in the fourth quarter to give Cincinnati a crucial victory.

Like having seen that before somewhere…

Aaron Rodgers would have been better off retiring in the offseason

Is there a sadder NFL team than the Packers as of this writing? Not sure. Green Bay chained a second loss yesterday at home to the Jets, which limited Aaron Rodgers’ offense to just 10 points. It’s the first time the Packers have lost back-to-back regular-season games since head coach Matt LaFleur arrived in 2019, and it’s Rodgers’ first loss at Lambeau Field in 16 games.

Between the departure of Davante Adams, Randall Cobb’s injury yesterday, a struggling offensive line and Rodgers far from his best (and touched in the right thumb), it’s starting to look like one season too many for the reigning double MVP , who we recall had considered retiring during the offseason. How to reverse the trend? “Making it simple” on offense if Rodgers told ESPN. Not the kind of statement that should appease critics of Matt LaFleur’s playcalling…

The Cooper Rush experience is over

Solid enough to help the Cowboys string together victories despite the absence of titular quarterback Dak Prescott, Cooper Rush fell from a height against the Eagles on Sunday: 18/38 passing, 181 yards, 1 touchdown for 3 interceptions, as many say that he was dazzled by the spotlight that surrounded this clash of the NFC East in prime time.

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Logically, this loss to Philadelphia represents Rush’s last game as a starter, with Prescott expected to return for the game against the Lions in Week 7.

The Falcons should play with their throwback kit every weekend

The flashing red helmet, the snapping throwback jersey, and a very big victory against the decimated 49ers to return to a balanced balance sheet (3-3). Honestly, if we were the Falcons, we’d be playing in this outfit every Sunday.

Maybe we buried Matt Ryan too soon…

“Matt Ryan retired”, “The arrival of Matt Ryan is a failure”… this is the kind of speech you may have heard, especially in this section, concerning the veteran quarterback of the Colts. But yesterday against Jacksonville, Ryan closed mouths.

Finally protected by his offensive line (21 sacks before the match, zero against the Jaguars), the former Falcons unsheathed: 42/58 passing, 389 yards, 3 touchdowns (including the victory twenty seconds from the end), and 34 points scored in all for the Colts despite the further absence of running back Jonathan Taylor.

This Monday, the Colts show a positive record (3-2-1) for the first time this season.

The NFL will have to review its schedule for Thursday games

Colts-Broncos (12-9 in overtime) two weeks ago, Bears-Commanders (7-12) last Thursday, at this rate Amazon Prime will break its agreement with the NFL for Thursday Night Football.

The Bills are THE benchmark in the AFC

With a similar 4-1 record going into Sunday’s huge clash, the Bills and Chiefs wanted to send a big message to the rest of the AFC. And in this little game, it was Buffalo who showed his superiority in a once again exceptional confrontation.

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Josh Allen and his teammates went to the land of Pat Mahomes, where they were eliminated the last two seasons in the Playoffs, to get a big victory (24-20). Josh Allen finished with an MVP performance, Stefon Diggs and Gabe Davis again dropped big big plays, even the running game was super solid, and the defense was decisive at the right time (3 sacks, 2 interceptions including the one to kill the match). Buffalo Bills Soccer!

The Cardinals have hit rock bottom

For a galley attack, playing the weak defense of the Seahawks is a real boon. Except for the Cardinals.

Only 9 points scored, one interception, a fumble lost, six sacks conceded, and above all four balls returned to the opponent on unconverted fourth downs. In short, a real ordeal. Enough to frustrate quarterback Kyler Murray properly.

“We just can’t come to a conclusion. We can’t. And you can’t win like that. »

Watch out, Kliff Kingsbury, your seat will really start to heat up if this continues like this.

Never forget that the NFL is ultra unpredictable

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